Small Business IT

We recognize that as a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you have the same critical needs as large enterprises for responsive and reliable technology and communications. Effective use of today’s technology is key to your organization’s success, but it’s difficult to attract, retain and afford professional IT resources. It is a reality that small business owners many times are left wondering whether recruiting and retaining IT staff is more difficult than maintaining computers! That’s where NYAG Enterprises comes in – technology support tailored for SMBs.

We provide our customers with a level of reliability and service that is unmatched in the industry. We help businesses stay up and running – day and night. We provide valuable enterprise-class technology services at an affordable, predictable, fixed monthly fee based on your service and support needs. We use advanced systems, tools, and IT experts to remotely manage thousands of devices. You benefit from the fact that we spread our costs for those advanced systems and personnel over all our customers.

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The Benefits Of NYAG Enterprises Support

  • Availability of a talented pool of Analysts possessing accumulated knowledge of solutions to problems gained by concurrently serving several organizations to quickly solve problems
  • We can solve many of the common computer problems through preventive maintenance
  • 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting including tele-support and on-line support
  • We can prevent potential threats from occurring by automated real-time remote monitoring and doing systematic patching
  • Offering liaison with vendors for optimal hardware and software selection
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